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Golden Pentangular 'Good Luck' pencil


These gorgeous, golden pencils from Japan are traditionally given for good luck ahead of an exam, and kept in one's pencil case or bag pocket. They're unusual in that they have five sides - pencils normally have six!

They have a soft, multi-purpose HB lead as good for drawing as for making notes, and sharpen to a delicious point. They're 7" long and a normal diameter; very comfortable to write with.

Even if they don't *actually* bring you good luck, they'll bring you good vibes: they glimmer in your hand as you use them. Buy them for yourself or for friends who have a nerve-wracking event coming up - whether an interview, exam or something else!

They come with pink or blue kanji at the top, which roughly translates as 'Pray for success in academic achievement'.

Pencils make for surprisingly deep envelopes, thus postage falls into the £1.50 category for these and other pens. There's been a recent rise in mailing costs to the US recently made by the UK Post Office, too, pushing postage to the US higher then previously; sorry American friends!.