Inkvent Ink 50ml Bottle / Happy Holidays

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The Inkvent range is a set of 25 special edition inks originally created for the 2019 'Inkvent' calendar, now available as individual bottles - with feet! - in Inkymole-designed packaging.

Happy Holidays is a 'Shimmer' AND 'Sheening' ink. This is because it was the special ink behind the 25th Inkvent calendar window!

Not only does it have metallic and/or pearlescent particles, it changes colour as it dries and interacts with the air and the paper it's on. Happy Holidays turns red, purple and turquoise from a rich blue base, revealing silver and powder-blue particles as it dries. See the artwork, created entirely with this ink, to check out the full array of effects it displays.

Please note colours will vary a bit from what you see on screen, due to the limitations of screen and camera lens!

Also available as a package with a pen handle and Nikko G drawing nib.

They're made by Diamine in England, my partners-in-ink for several years. Inkmakers since 1864, their ink is among the finest in the world, suitable for use with brushes, sticks, nibs, parallel pens, fingers, and safe to use in all types of fountain pen, including the Shimmer and Sheening ones (but do give your pen a rinse after use, to be on the safe side).

All the inks are water-based, acid-free, non-toxic and vegan, containing no animal ingredients.

Up to 3 inks:
- UK £3 (Small Parcel rate, 2nd class)
- Outside the UK / £13 (International Parcel Rate)

Please note if ordering from outside the UK, we can post up to 3 inks within the postage costs quoted.
If you would like to order more than 3 inks, please get in touch beforehand so we can calculate shipping for you - or we can recommend a local supplier if you have one!

The colours in this range are:
Standard inks:
Candy Cane, Elf, Fire Embers, Gingerbread, Ho Ho Ho, Mistletoe, Mulled Wine, Nutcracker, Poinsettia, Purple Bow, Roast Chestnut, Triple Chocolate.

Sheening inks:
Festive Cheer, Holly, Noel, Midnight Hour, Polar Glow, Season's Greetings.

Shimmer inks:
Blue Peppermint, Gold Star, Happy Holidays, Jack Frost, Snow Storm, Solstice, Winter Miracle.