Pilot Petit1 Tiny Fountain Pen from Japan + 3 spare cartridges


All the stationery in my shop is drawn from my own holster! Sharing my illustration toolbox with you, these items are my personal favourites, go-tos for myriad illustration and lettering jobs, and here for sale in my shop for the first time.

Straight from Japan, this very cute but infinitely useful little fountain pen is refillable with cartridges (supplied with a pack of three, plus the one it comes with) and can travel anywhere, encased as it is in a robust spaceship-like cylinder. Its rotundness makes it comfy to hold, and if you pop the lid on the end it balances well for those who like a lengthier pen.

Strokes are fine as you would expect from a fountain pen with a steel nib, but this is fabulous to draw detailed work with. The ink is dense, and as you can see in the pictures, can be worked with using a water and brush.

Supplied with black ink, although because this is cartridge-based you could of course rinse it and put any colour in!

Postage ยฃ1.50 in the UK (classes as a 'large letter' due to its thickness). Pens and pencils make for surprisingly deep envelopes, thus postage falls into the ยฃ1.50 category for these and other pens. There's been a recent rise in mailing costs to the US recently made by the UK Post Office, too, pushing postage to the US higher then previously; sorry American friends!.