Pilot Super Sign Pen - Medium (waterproof ink)


All the stationery in my shop is drawn from my own holster! Sharing my illustration toolbox with you, these items are my personal favourites, go-tos for myriad illustration and lettering jobs, and here for sale in my shop for the first time.

Brought to you from Japan, the Pilot Super Sign Pen from Japan is an elegant, glossy black-cased pen with a plastic nib, available here in three weights: Fine, Medium and CHUNKY. Gold lettering makes it feel real fancy.

With its black waterproof ink it's massively versatile and good for creating outlines you want to add a water-based ink or paint to afterwards; they'll stay put./

Check the pictures for an idea of the line quality.

Not refillable (I wish they were).

Postage ยฃ1.50 in the UK (classes as a 'large letter' due to its thickness). Pens and pencils make for surprisingly deep envelopes, thus postage falls into the ยฃ1.50 category for these and other pens. There's been a recent rise in mailing costs to the US recently made by the UK Post Office, too, pushing postage to the US higher then previously; sorry American friends!.