H AL L O W E E N / The witches are here, they've all come back


An illustrated poem by Oliver Wendell Holmes, a combination of inky pointillism and my signature ink-and-bleach wash technique.

No nice clean fonts here...this is a murky as it comes.

Look out look out boys, clear the track!
The Witches are here, they've all come back!
They hanged them high, no use! No use!
What cares a witch for a hangman's noose?
They buried them deep but they wouldn't lie still,
For cats and witches are hard to kill;
They swore they wouldn't and shouldn't die,
Books said they did,
But they lie! They lie!

This is a signed print on satin-matte white, acid-free archival paper; 100% cotton, 300gsm weight (nice and sturdy!)

297mm x 420mm approximately.

(Frame not included).

Worldwide delivery:
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